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How Heating Oil Reaches Your Home

Posted: March 24, 2022 – By: gasdmin

The Journey of Heating Oil to Your Tank Seeing your oil delivery driver filling up your tank represents the final step of heating oil’s long journey to your home. It starts with heating oil being refined from crude oil, which is a complex mix of hydrocarbons plus oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur. The refining process separates […]

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Staying Warm With Heating Oil

Posted: February 14, 2022 – By: gasdmin

Full-Service Heating Oil Companies Come Through While we’ve seen much more brutal winters in New Jersey than the one we have experienced so far this season, there still have been some bitterly cold days and nights that made people appreciate the warmth and comfort that heating oil reliably delivers. Frigid temperatures always reinforce the value […]

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What Is the Best Thermostat Setting for Winter?

Posted: January 21, 2022 – By: gasdmin

Don’t Go Too Low with Room Temperatures One common debate in households at this time of year revolves around thermostat settings. How low can you go and how much can this save you on heating your home? While finding a balance between comfort and savings is not easy because every family and home are different, […]

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Sensing Home Comfort Problems

Posted: December 20, 2021 – By: gasdmin

Use Your Senses to Uncover Problems Every problem has a symptom, and frequently, it is accompanied by something you see, hear, smell or even feel. Use the gift of your senses to uncover common problems you might encounter in your oil-heated home. Why Icicles Form If there are icicles hanging from your roof, this usually […]

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Lifting The Veil On Electrification In New Jersey

Posted: November 19, 2021 – By: gasdmin

Many states, including New Jersey, have been adopting the strategy to electrify everything possible, including heating systems. For example, under the state’s Energy Master Plan (EMP), 87% of New Jerseyans who use natural gas, oil or propane would eventually be forced to surrender their existing central heating systems and install electric heat pumps. This is […]

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What’s Happening with Heating Oil Prices in New Jersey?

Posted: October 15, 2021 – By: gasdmin

Factors Contributing to Energy Prices There are many factors that cause energy prices to rise (and fall), especially the basic market fundamentals of global supply and demand. When lower supply gets matched to higher demand, it’s inevitable that prices will go up. But there are also “wild cards” like severe weather and other unexpected events […]

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Is Bioheat® Fuel or Natural Gas Cleaner?

Posted: September 9, 2021 – By: gasdmin

Unless produced through renewable processing, natural gas simply cannot adjust its carbon score downward, which makes Bioheat fuel the common-sense choice for 21st-century home comfort. Studies show that Bioheat fuel blends of 2% or more produce lower greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas when evaluated over a 20-year period.*  Bioheat fuel is a blend of […]

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Common heating problems

Common Heating Problems And How To Fix Them

Posted: August 25, 2021 – By: Rich Carrione

During periods of extreme winter cold—which New Jersey residents know well too well—you can go into a panic when your heat suddenly stops working.

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Today’s Heating Oil: Clean, Renewable Energy for New Jersey

Posted: July 12, 2021 – By: gasdmin

Heating oil is playing a leading role in the drive towards clean, renewable energy. Particulate emissions have been reduced significantly from the already low levels of the past few decades. New heating oil systems now burn fuel 99.9% cleanly, according to studies conducted at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven Laboratory. Thanks to technological advancements […]

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Benefits Of Bioheat® Fuel In New Jersey

Posted: June 16, 2021 – By: gasdmin

We hope by this time you have heard about Bioheat® fuel—because chances are, that’s the heating fuel that’s in your oil tank, keeping your home warm. For years, New Jersey heating oil companies have been delivering this revolutionary fuel, which is a blend of renewable biodiesel and ultra-low-sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). Renewable biodiesel is made […]

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