Do You Know About the New Oilheat?

New Jersey oilheat homeowners are heating their homes more cleanly and more efficiently than ever before, and most of them don’t even know it! There has been a revolution in heating oil itself and in the oilheat system technology that have led to major breakthroughs for the industry and for consumers in New Jersey. Here are just some of the changes that have made heating oil in New Jersey an even more attractive option.

The Revolution of Heating Oil

Today’s heating oil has been reformulated so that virtually every gallon of fuel used is a combination of ultra-low sulfur (ULS) fuel and biofuel. Biofuel is a renewable blend of oil from materials like sunflowers and soybeans. Not only is the new oilheat more environmentally friendly, but it is made in America and it requires no modifications to your current system!

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The Revolution of Heating Oil Equipment

As technology continues to advance, homeowners in New Jersey will have even more efficient heating options to choose from. Today’s reformulated heating oil is paving the way for high-efficiency heating oil systems to become the norm around the state. These systems boast efficiency ratings as high as 95%, and provide more warmth while using less fuel than ever before.

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While it’s unclear just how cold it’s going to be in the Garden State next winter, one thing is certain; today’s oilheat is a far cry (and a much better heating option) than the fuel that was used to heat your parents’ and grandparents’ homes.