Heating Oil Equipment Rebates Made Easy!

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Equipment rebates in New Jersey have undergone a makeover this year. Now, it’s a lot easier for homeowners to receive rebates to help upgrade their heating systems and take advantage of significant savings.

What’s new

Receive rebates upfront! Homeowners receive their rebate as soon as they confirm the work with their heating oil company.

Every dealer can now secure a rebate. In 2018, every heating oil company will be registered to secure rebates for their customers.

What’s the Same

Rebates up to $700. The amount of each rebate hasn’t changed. New Jersey residents can still receive $250, $300 or $700 depending on the type of system they install.

Rebates are only available while funds last! Anyone interested in upgrading their oilheat equipment shouldn’t wait too long to take advantage of current incentives.

Homeowners can also receive a rebate from the NJ Clean Energy Program, which would double the rebate they receive, up to $1,400. This is a can’t miss opportunity, so take advantage of available rebates while funding lasts.

For more information about rebates, go here and then contact your oilheat dealer.