Heating System Upgrade

Installing a new high-efficiency boiler or furnace can save as much as 35% on your heating oil bills—and improve your comfort!

If your heating system is 15 years old or older, chances are you’re paying much more than you should in order to heat your home.

By replacing your old clunker with a modern, high-efficiency heating system, you could cut your fuel use by as much as 35% or more depending on the efficiency of your current system. That means, depending on your annual fuel bill, you could be saving hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars each year!

The Greater the Efficiency, the More You Save

Current System Efficiency
Annual Fuel Savings (per $3,000 of fuel)

Chart shows average savings when upgrading to a new system with 85% efficiency.

Source: American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. Average savings vary, depending on square footage of home, number in household, insulation quality and other factors.

Fuel Savings Are Just the Beginning

Once you’ve installed a new heating system, you will also have virtually eliminated the need for the expensive repairs and the escalating maintenance costs associated with an aging system. Just think, no more strange noises in the night. No more suddenly losing your heat because another worn-out part gave up the ghost. You will also be reducing your risk of having to deal with frozen pipes, and the ensuing water damage, caused by your old furnace conking out while you were away for the weekend.

Rebates Available!

Take advantage of available rebates when you upgrade to a high-efficiency oilheat system! Contact your dealer for more information.*

*Rebate eligibility based on system efficiency. Ask your dealer about qualifying systems.

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