Maximizing Efficiency is the Key to Saving Money and Energy

Homeowners in New Jersey have plenty of ways to maximize energy efficiency. And the good news is that lots of them don’t take a significant upfront investment!

Saving money and energy

Tips for cutting your heating (and cooling) bills

  1. Have ceiling fans in your home? Use them! You can distribute warm air (and cool air) evenly by running your ceiling fans in reverse. By recirculating the warmer air trapped near the ceiling, you can lower your thermostat and in turn, your energy bills.
  2. Get smart with your thermostat. Smart, programmable thermostats automate your home temperature settings and can easily reduce your energy use by 5% and in some cases as much as 10%!
  3. Get your systems tuned up each year! Your local oil dealer is most likely a certified HVAC contractor as well. And no one knows your systems better than your dealer. Be sure to have maintenance completed on both your oil system and your central AC unit each year. You’ll decrease the likelihood of breakdowns and you’ll save money in the process.

Want to save big? Think upgrade, not conversion

If you’re ready to make a larger investment in saving money and improving energy efficiency in your home, you should remember that upgrading to a new high-efficiency heating oil system can get you the same amount of savings for less upfront investment. What’s more, with today’s low heating oil prices, you may never recoup the extra costs that you’ll incur if you switch to another fuel.