NJ Homeowners Can Save Up to $1,400 on New Oil Heating Systems

NJ homeowners can save up to $1400 on new oil heating systems

Everyone enjoys the thrill of saving money by taking advantage of specials and other great incentives. This spring, why not get in on the fun by replacing your old oil heating system with a new one? Not only will you be adding value to your New Jersey home, but you could also be cutting your energy bills by 25% or more.

These rebates include:

  • $250 for an oil furnace
  • $300 for an oil boiler
  • $700 for an oil-fired integrated heat and hot water unit

Find out what to do and download your rebate coupons by going here.

And there’s more! Homeowners can also secure a second rebate equivalent to the first, thanks to funding available through the New Jersey Clean Energy Program. That could mean savings of as much as $1,400! Read more here.

Speak with your local oil heat service provider about replacing your system

Your oil heat service provider would welcome your call. After a mild winter and with spring only a few weeks away, it will be easier for you to schedule an installation for a day that works best for you. And once you’re all set up with a new oil heating system, you’ll be ready for next winter well before the first leaf falls.

Save money later

The financial benefits of a new high-efficiency oil heat home heating system don’t end with these great rebates.

If you have a home heating system that’s 25 years old or older, you are using much more fuel than you should. By switching to a new, high-efficiency oil heat home heating system, you could save a lot of money on your annual heating costs. Read more.

And there’s another way you save. A new, more efficient home oil heating system will not need the expensive repairs that usually come when you hold on to an aging system. You’re also less likely to pay for emergency service calls for a conked-out furnace, or risk costly problems like damage from frozen pipes when you lose your heat while you’re away from home.

Think of what you could do with all that extra money in your wallet. Then get in touch with your local New Jersey oil heat provider and get started with these opportunities for big savings!