Upgrading Your Oilheat System Vs. Converting

latest in heating oil technology new jerseyPeople who have oil heating equipment that’s 20 years or older may be considering switching to natural gas to heat their home because they think this could save them a lot of money on heating expenses.

What they don’t realize is that the upfront expense to convert to gas can typically cost thousands of dollars. And it really doesn’t make sense to switch to a less efficient fuel like natural gas when safe oil heat can keep you warm even on the coldest of nights.

Environmental Friendliness

The heating oil industry recently committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Households that use blends of ultra-low-sulfur Bioheat® fuel are increasing the pace of these efforts, and more blends are in development every day. Shorter-term goals include reaching a 15% reduction in carbon emissions by 2023, and a 40% reduction by 2030.

Greater Efficiency With Bioheat

Because Bioheat is so clean-burning, you’ll get higher efficiency from your home’s heating system. With today’s high-efficiency furnaces and boilers, you could reach efficiencies of 90% or higher. Heating oil gets your home warmer faster than natural gas, or any other fuel.

Equipment Life And Operating Costs

A heating oil-fired furnace or boiler can last about 25 years while the life expectancy of a natural gas furnace or boiler can be as little as 10 years.

Bioheat® is better for heating systems because it burns cleaner and leaves fewer deposits on heat exchangers. That means fewer breakdowns and a longer life for your furnace or boiler.

Dependable Service

You’re not dependent on gas pipelines to keep your home warm. When you have natural gas, you’re dealing with a utility company. Usually, that means a far-away office where you’re just an account number in their massive database. Most heating oil companies are locally-owned and locally-based. They’re proud to offer safe, reliable heating oil deliveries backed by friendly, personalized service.

Read more about the benefits of upgrading your furnace or boiler to a new, high-efficiency oil heating system. and then contact your heating oil company.

Aside from the fuel savings you’ll realize each year on heating your home, you may also be eligible for two different waves of New Jersey rebates, which could save you as much as $1,400 on qualifying high-efficiency systems. Learn more about oil heat rebates in New Jersey.